¬†WHAT I AM ūüôā

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                                    Here  I me marry . And my Passion is Guide You WHAT  is Suitable for YOU .  According to Your  Personality. As You can say that I Am a Personal Stylist to help You develop and enhance your professional and personal image . I help my clients choose clothes for a variety of occasions and help them to decide which STYLES are flattering and communicate the appropriate message .  

Everyone is coping the fashion as copy paste , But i didnt find it suitable for every one . I want to organized my ideas in Logical order . Such as according to Body , hight , weight , age , religion and season .

I just Love the fashion because it is an Extension of  your personality and shows what kind of mood You are in . It can tell people to back off and leave you alone , or it can invite people towards You  . And make a GOOD impression to them. 

Basically I adopted this profession because i ever feel embarrassed  when i saw anyone , with a Miss fit dressing and accessories. As some of my aunts my cousins and my friends wear sharper colours which never goes with their complexion  and age . And some off them wear high hills with good hight and some off wear flates with shorter according to fashion . Butt hey never think that what is basically Suits to them . so i decided to guid them according to suitability .

So i am here for You ever to GUIDE You . As What You can wear according to Your personality , physic . And  Your values . Thanks for being here.